Business Owners Policy (BOP)

BOP, also known as Business Owners Policy, is a comprehensive small business insurance package that includes multiple liability coverages in a solitary bundle.

Business Owner’s insurance typically includes Commercial Property Insurance, General Liability Insurance, and Business Income Insurance:

Commercial Property Insurance
Property insurance can help protect the property your business owns, leases or rents, including things like buildings, equipment, inventory, furniture, and fixtures. It provides coverage for loss of accounts receivable and valuable papers and records.

General Liability Insurance
When it comes to liability protection, the broader the coverage the better. That's why business liability insurance helps cover your business in the event it is sued for causing harm to a person and/or damage to property. employee dishonesty, money & securities, and personal property claims. It also helps cover the cost of your defense – because businesses can be sued even if they did nothing wrong.

Business Income Insurance
If unexpected events cause a suspension in your operations resulting from a covered cause of loss, BOP insurance will help replace a loss of income to help you meet your continuing financial obligations such as rent or payroll.

Additional coverages that you can add to your business owner’s policy to help to tailor coverage to your specific needs and modern realities like a Data Breach. 

Data Breach Coverage
Any business that handles or stores private customer, patient or employee information is at risk for a data breach. When this sensitive information is lost or stolen, it’s important to act quickly to restore confidence in your business. If a breach occurs data breach coverage can help pay for the expenses to notify impacted individuals, engage credit monitoring services (if warranted), public relations and more. Coverage is also available to help with a defense and settlement or judgment costs in the event your business is sued because of a breach. And coverage is provided even if private data is stored internationally. Additional coverage options can help:

  • Replace lost income and pay for extra expenses incurred to keep your business running if your business must close temporarily or slow operations due to a covered data breach.
  • Protect a business from a data breach that occurred prior to the policy effective date.
  • Pay for extortion expenses and ransom payments associated with the threat of a data breach

Through such leading national carriers such as The Hartford, Travelers, and Zurich we offer clients a wide range of coverage that protects them from risks to their property, including reimbursement for loss of income and protection from lawsuits that could cost them their livelihood.

We offer a broad range of BOP class codes that cover your office, retail, service, and wholesale distributor businesses. Within those categories, some of our carriers offer classifications for lessor’s risk, hotel/motel, apartment, and condominium business owners.

We also have some availability with a limited number of carriers within the business owner’s policy for certain types of restaurants and manufacturers. Be advised that these generally have additional underwriting requirements and coverage limitations may apply.